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Niche Genre Lesbian Romance and Lesbian Content

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Leandra Summers is a mix of South African and British heritage. She grew up in Namibia, free to explore the wilds of Southern Africa and to be her true, authentic self.

She writes passionately about lesbian relationships, using countries she has lived in as story backgrounds. Her predominant genre is loving lesbian relationships within a mild domestic discipline theme.

Her books are described as loving, edgy, different, enjoyable and hot.

She strives to inspire others and is thoroughly, totally and happily lesbian.

'Life is not a rehearsal' is the famous motto she lives by.



"We are both 'the girl' in the relationship, that's kinda the point."

Lesbian Romance Books

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The Mountain Town Series

The Mountain Town Series Books 1-3 contains the lesbian romance books, Emma and Melissa, Ava and Gemma, and Marty and Maria, in one easy to read volume

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The Eternal Love Stories Series

Do you believe in love at first sight?

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Emily's Choice

Emily faces a dilemma; lose her job or accept a spanking from her sexy lesbian boss.

What will she choose?

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Marla has lost her way in life, after the death of her brother.

Will she find it again with the help of the lesbian couple she is placed with and the attentions of their very attractive friend?


Emma and Melissa

Emma and Melissa is a two part lesbian romance with an underlying theme of domestic discipline and vanilla spanking.


For the Love of Her

For the Love of Her contains the two separately published lesbian domestic discipline romances, Emily’s Choice and Jo and Jane, in one easy to read volume.


Marty and Maria

Marty and Maria have been together for five wonderful and loving years. When Maria starts to develop career dreams of her own, distinct from those of her dominant wife Marty, sparks fly.


Jo and Jane

Whilst working overseas Jane finds herself attracted to her sexy boss, Jo. When they return to their home country, Jo offers Jane a chance to explore their mutual attraction.


Loving Dangerously

In a world that has been divided by a devastating experimental virus, Logan lives her life alone, helping her own kind gain the supplies they need to survive. What happens when she meets Aquilla?


Fields of Sugar

Harper Aling is grieving the loss of her father and potential loss of her family home. She meets bank boss Bailey and sparks fly.


Book Excerpts
Lesbian Romance and Spanking Romance

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The Eternal Love Stories Series
Lesbian Romance

Moving closer to her, she kissed Lia. Lia kissed her back passionately. Their love making was almost frantic.

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A Lesbian Domestic Discipline Trilogy

"You will be relaxing over my knee this holiday, if this is how you are going to be," Skylar said, worry making her voice sharp.

"Skylar, there is no need to..." Emma did not get to finish her protest as Skylar grabbed Emma's arm.

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